KONE Hackathon on IoT, Smart Elevators, Smart Lights and BlueMix Cloud

I have used elevators countless times in my life so far and we all use it multiple times every day. Have you ever thought about how elevators can react in smarter way, does an elevator knows who you are and personalize it for you? I think most of us (including me) have never thought about this (before this hacking event, that I attended) but, trust me there are companies like KONE and many smart people who work there are challenging themselves and pushing hard to make elevator smart.
What exactly KONE is developing?
KONE is building APIs to control, manage and maintain elevators. KONE's APIs are collecting data from various elevators installed in buildings, these APIs are backbone or I can say brain of KONE’s smart elevators. Once data is collected, possibility of harnessing valuable information from that data is endless. Example:
Feed collected data to analytics tools to optimize elevator operation, usage etc. Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give a smart bra…