Part 3 - AEM with Angular 2 – AEM Component development

In previous 2 parts we have seen challenges, project structure and build process for an AEM + Angular 2 project. In this post we’ll focus more on Angular 2 component development and will do a deep dive into sample component development so that we can understand various concepts involved in AEM + Angular 2 component development.

Let’s begin with defining some basic requirement for sample AEM + Angular 2 component that we’ll develop in this article.

Problem statement for our component Develop a simple AEM + Angular 2 component to find location details based on IP address Use Angular 2 Http service to get location detail (by calling remote REST web service) based on IP address provide via HTML form input Display data/response from REST web service using Angular 2 binding on UI Provide capability to authors so that they can change labels (e.g. label of “Search” button and label for “Location Detail” card/result) using component’s dialog

Image 1: “ip-location” AEM + Angular 2 in action on a AEM p…

AEM 6.3 - Bundle Whitelisting - Deprecation of administrative authentication

I stumbled on an issue when I was using neab with AEM 6.3. I created few neba ResourceModels and when I tried to access neba Model Registry, I got an error (java.lang.IllegalStateException: Bundle org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender is NOT whitelisted):
Image: neba Model Registry Menu

Image: Error Screen
NOTE: Neba team has already fixed it on their development branch and we don’t need to explicitly add whitelisting configuration for neba bundle.
Here is the reason for error Originally the ResourceResolverFactory.getAdministrativeResourceResolver and SlingRepository.loginAdministrative methods have been defined to provide access to the resource tree and JCR Repository. These methods proved to be inappropriate because they allow for much too broad access. Consequently these methods are being deprecated and will be removed in future releases of the service implementations. The following methods are deprecated: ResourceResolverFactory.getAdministr…

Part 1 - Angular 2 with AEM – Introduction, Challenges, Installation and Prerequisite

I am writing about AEM after long time and there is reason for that :-) I was learning something else interesting and that interesting thing is frontend technologies. So far in my professional career I have spent most of my time in designing and developing server side applications mainly using Java technology stack (Spring, ORM, JMS and what not) with basic UI development using JSP/JSF, HTML, Velocity, Sightly, jQuery, ExtJS etc. Also, in last few years I have delivered many applications which is combination of AEM, other CMS and Java backend but, I felt that still there is something missing and that missing piece is end to end knowledge of frontend development. So that’s what I was focusing on frontend development in recent past. I thought it is good time to combine frontend development knowledge with AEM and come up with something interesting that might help my friends out there.
In this multi series post (and tutorial in coming parts of this series), I’ll show you how you can use An…